Posses­sion de l‘eau

Posses­sion de l‘eau

sculp­tu­ral movement in the city center of Strasbourg

Perfor­mer: Svea Duwe & Androa Mindre Kolo

In Posses­sion de l‘eau two people walk elegantly through the shopping city of Stras­bourg. They carry trans­pa­rent luggage that is filled just with trans­pa­rent bags of water. By pouring out some of the water at speci­fic places and giving some of the water­bags away the performance questi­ons how the natural­ness of water has changed into a merchan­dise. In some bags there are jetons with engra­ved QR-codes which link to the Posses­sion de l‘eau BLOG where you get additio­nal infor­ma­tion and are free to „write down a water-dream“.


Svea Duwe & Androa Mindre Kolo


Sa. 04.05.24 13:00 – 15:00 h

14:30 h Place Hans-Jean-Arp